What a wonderful weekend

What a wonderful weekend

It’s a shame that the weekend must come to and end. But to an end it came. At least there’s always another.


Fan Favorites. Ok. Not really fan favorites. Mostly my favorites from across the web for the past week.

cubby – I heard about this one from my favorite blog of all time lifehacker It’s another cloud storage service. What it adds that the others are missing is unlimited data transfer if you want to just sync from one computer to another. So if you want to move your iTunes library to another computer. Here’s a way to do it.
This awesome Chicago print
Suzanne being home
Siri declaring the Nokia Lumia 900 the best phone ever—PCWorld
Have a wonderful night!




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Walking Along Main

Ok. The post is just after midnight. But I’m counting it as posting on the 11th. Definitely.

We all walk along different paths. Be ready for opportunity when paths cross. You never know when something will come along that makes you deliriously happy.

For me, that something is Suzanne. The love of my life. She’s been in London for three months on a work assignment. Tomorrow she’ll be back in Chicago for good.

Welcome back Suz. I love you!


Which Path?


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Which Path?

Those paths we choose, those which we walk along, are determined often by our subconscious. We’re rarely privy to what goes on behind the scenes, even in our own minds. But must be prepared for the moment of inspiration when it chooses to make itself known.

Despite cluelessness as to what goes on behind the scenes in our minds we an influence our subconscious thoughts by choosing to feed our subconscious with proper sustenance. This is done through positivity. The positivity of purpose.

Some great reading on the power of our subconscious includes Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain by David Eagleman. Think Rich, Go Rich by Napoleon Hill provides a great framework but misses much of the later psychological insights later gleaned through research.

Great Fire of Rome

I’m not sure what to write about. But damnit. I’m going to stick to my 365 blogging plan.  I could post a photo:

Yay! That’s a photo of London right by the British Film Institue.

But What I feel like writing about tonight is the Great Fire of Rome.  Yes, this came from my daily reading which was Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith (hooray Amazon Links). Yes, I loved the book. If you suspend your adherence to the traditional Christ story form the bible and accept the book as a great hero story, it’s really a fantastic read. And….


The end has a reference to the Great Fire of Rome. It’s amazing how many cities have had they’re own fire story. The Chicago Fire. The Great London Fire.  The Great Fire of Rome.

Various explanations competed for acceptance following the fire (or more appropriately following the story of the Great Fire of Rome).  Whether it be Christians or just Nero burning his own city to build a bigger palace.  It could even have been a Grandma with her Cow (HT Chicago Fire).

I don’t know what this all makes me think. Basically I just find the whole thing incredibly interesting. And that’s all I have to say about that.

365/Seinfeld Project – And Magellan around the world


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Ok. SOOOOO. I’m inspired. Let’s not put the level of inspiration on a 1–10 scale. But suffice to say there’s inspiration present.  So thanks to my favorite bloggers over at Lifehacker I have something which is no an unoriginal idea. I’m going to blog every day for 365 days.

Why am I doing this?

To be awesome! Seriously. I want to be awesome. Or at least get better doing something I already enjoy. If you’re not familiar (and I wasn’t before the fellows at Lifehacker explained it to me), “Don’t Break the Chain” is a motivational theory attributed to Jerry Seinfeld.  The basic premise is that to improve as a writer (in his case comedic) you need to write everyday. And you have to make yourself accountable. How? Calendar based guilt tripping. Put a calendar on the wall and write an X every day you write. It’s sort of like gamification.

Why 365 Days?

Why’s the sky blue?  Such is the Mango.  Well. Really. A year just seems like a nice round number. And Chris Strom did it for 366 days and he ended up writing three books. Doesn’t sound too shabby does it?

What’s the goal?

Write and post to my blog everyday. Ideally I want to think of something that interests me every day. Do some research about it. And write. This way I’m always learning something new and interesting.

Don’t you have anything interesting to share today?

Why yes! Thank you for asking. If you must know, the first circumnavigation by a solar powered ship was completed on May 4th. The trip lasted 584 days. This made me wonder a bit. How long does it take to get around the world using another renewable energy source—wind.

After some internet searching I came up with a few examples.  First, we appropriately start with the first circumnavigation of the globe. Magellan’s ill-fated voyage around the globe took 1123 days. Out of 237 who originally set out, only 18 made it back and Magellan wasn’t included in that 18. (BTW. Thank you Wikipedia for the awesome facts and figures!). So it made it around the world, but I’d say the win goes to solar power in this case. (click for Wikipedia awesomeness!)

What about the fasted circumnavigation around the globe in a sailboat.  Well, that award depends on what type of circumnavigation we’re talking about. Eastward is faster than Westward—it’s a wind direction thing. But let’s focus on the fastest which only took 45 days to circumnavigate the globe. Pretty dang good. (sources)

Ok. So you can get around the world faster if you have the best sailboat in the world. I guess in the grand scheme of things two years with no casualties is much better than the first voyage.  But for my money, I’d still rather fly.



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I’m weak. I love shopping for photo gear. I love buying photo gear. I love looking at all the cool new gadgets (do I really need a lens for my iPhone? YES! NO! AHHHHHH!).  But let’s face it. None of this has done much to improve my photography.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

To get better, shoot more. For every photo I publish I’ve likely shot at least 100 that I’ve rejected.  I’ve gotten lucky with some shots. It’s frustrating. But amazing too.  If you’re interested, read Eric Kim’s 10 Tips on How to Cure Yourself of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

But in interest of full disclosure, here’s some of my gear. I like to keep things simple. Digital is all Nikon. I have a 35mm prime, 50mm prime, and the 18-55 kit lens which never leaves the bag.  I shoot with several film cameras: A Canon QL17 Rangefinder, and Nikon N65, and an Olympus Point & Shoot from the 80s. Each film camera has it’s own characteristics so I like to play around with them. I love the Canon. But I’m so used to auto focus at this point that it’s sometimes hard to shoot with it.  I’m on a bit of a film camera collecting binge (see, I’m weak).  I also have an old Rusisian Zorki, a second Canon QL17, 1930s Kodak.

I can’t completely cure myself of gear-head syndrome. It’s fun. Bresson shot his street photos with a 50mm lens.  I like to switch it up a bit more.  I’ll never be as good as Bresson, but I can take his lesson of simplicity to heart and have fun doing it!

Wedding Proposal Woot!


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The big image. That’s me! The small one that’s Suz! And together we’re….Captain Planet? No. That would be weird. Really, we’re engaged! And it happened over FaceTime (if you’re an Apple employee reading this, commercial please).

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m elated. I’m verklempt. There’s a lot of emotion going on is what I’m trying to tell you.

Now I just need to keep myself from nerding out on wedding websites. HMMM. Ok that’s not going to happen…..There’s already a shared Pinterest page.