I’m not sure what to write about. But damnit. I’m going to stick to my 365 blogging plan.  I could post a photo:

Yay! That’s a photo of London right by the British Film Institue.

But What I feel like writing about tonight is the Great Fire of Rome.  Yes, this came from my daily reading which was Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith (hooray Amazon Links). Yes, I loved the book. If you suspend your adherence to the traditional Christ story form the bible and accept the book as a great hero story, it’s really a fantastic read. And….


The end has a reference to the Great Fire of Rome. It’s amazing how many cities have had they’re own fire story. The Chicago Fire. The Great London Fire.  The Great Fire of Rome.

Various explanations competed for acceptance following the fire (or more appropriately following the story of the Great Fire of Rome).  Whether it be Christians or just Nero burning his own city to build a bigger palace.  It could even have been a Grandma with her Cow (HT Chicago Fire).

I don’t know what this all makes me think. Basically I just find the whole thing incredibly interesting. And that’s all I have to say about that.